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Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona Tour

Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona Tour Highlights

The Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona tour takes you into some of the most breathtaking and cultural areas of Arizona. Some of the highlights of this tour can include:

Grand Canyon and Sedona Corporate TourYavapai Point Museum – Positioned beautifully on the edge of the Grand Canyon, Yavapai Point Museum provides excellent vistas of the Grand Canyon. A covered lookout has plaques placed giving viewers information about the sites that they are seeing. They also have a bookstore that has a great selection of books on the history of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area.

Bright Angel Lodge – Designed by the famous architect Mary Colter, Bright Angel Lodge is a popular destination for visitors of the Grand Canyon. The lodge, perched just feet from the edge of the canyon, offers guest exceptional views and is the check-in point for the Grand Canyon Mule Rides. The dining room offers family-style dining with dramatic views.

El Tovar Lodge – Known as the “Crown Jewel” of Grand Canyon lodges, El Tovar Lodge offers guests and visitors the highest quality accommodations and services. Many famous people have enjoyed their stay at El Tovar Lodge including Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and Zane Grey. There are many opportunities to stroll the grounds and take in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon and Sedona Corporate Tour

Grand Canyon Village – At the Grand Canyon Village, you will have opportunities to browse through shops that have Native American arts and crafts. This is a perfect place to grab that souvenir from your trip to the Grand Canyon.

Hopi House – The Hopi House is another building designed by famous architect Mary Colter. She wanted to create a living museum that depicted the skills of the Hopi Indians. Demonstrations happen throughout the day of Hopi Indians making a wide range of items. The gift shop at the Hopi House is a great place to pick up some of these handmade Hopi Indian items.

Kolb Studios – The Kolb brothers set up a photography studio on the edge of the Grand Canyon back in 1904. The Kolb brothers were famous for their picture of visitors taking mule rides into the Grand Canyon. Today, you can see some of the images that the Kolb brothers took and take in the views of the Grand Canyon.

Lookout Studio – This is Grand Canyon and Sedona Corporate Tour another building designed by Mary Colter. The Fred Harvey Company wanted to build a studio to compete with Kolb Studios. With the help of the Santa Fe Railway in the construction of Lookout Studios, it features wide windows to let in more natural light and offer exceptional views of the Grand Canyon. Colter took the look of the Anasazi ruins to heart when designing Lookout Studio.

Uptown Sedona Shopping – Over 50 galleries adorn the streets of Uptown Sedona. Shoppers are able to browse through art galleries, jewelry makers, and pottery to name a few. Sedona also boasts some of the finest dining in Northern Arizona. Those with interests in the metaphysical will find many shops featuring a wide selection of crystals and publications.

Oak Creek Canyon – One of the most beautiful drives in the State of Arizona is along Route 89-A through the Oak Creek Canyon. Majestic cliffs rise almost 1000 feet above Oak Creek Canyon. Dense forests teaming with wildlife are the dominate feature of Oak Creek Canyon. Grand Canyon and Sedona Tour from Across Arizona Tours

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